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System setup

Step 1: What components to get. What does a setup need and what it is better off without. How to set up front staging, apply cross overs and the dangers of rear fill. When to apply an equalizer or DSP.

Competition results

All competitions, meetings and challenges entered from 1993 to present. Photos and report about each event. Score forms included if present, magazine articles included if written by me.
More events: Dutch car audio agenda


Step 2: Now that you know what you want it is time to decide which make and model to choose. My personal opinion and experience with some common car audio brands. Which components suit your car? How to recognize a good shop.

Facts and figures

All about the Suzuki SA-310. Including technical data as to the engine, measurements, specifications, fuel consumption, tires and more.


Step 3: Selected and bought the equipment. Now it is time to install it. Where to start, how to install, a visit to an upholsterer and how to apply Dynamat.

Security / alarm

How to secure and protect your precious car. All about car thieves, car alarm and crime prevention.

Fine tuning

Step 4: Everything installed and playing. Time to listen and fine tune the system. What subwoofers should and shouldn't do. Using a computer measuring system to fine tune the system.

About this site

Why I think the Suzuki SA-310 is the best car in the world. Why I spend so much time teaching car audio. Why I used the Amiga computer and how this site started out.

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