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Site history can be used to see what changed since your last visit. Call it "what's new" if you like. The site is altered when I learn new things or when I get many E-mails aksing for explanation about the same subject. Every car audio event I attend is added to the site within 24 hours.

11 july 2000

  • More or less quit updating this site. I have no time left to maintain the site and/or advice on car audio via E-mail. Removed the E-mail address and ICQ number from the front page. Removed the car-audio agenda (now handled by Autozine).
  • Had my old Alpine head-unit repaired and gave the Becker to a friend. After judging some competitions in 2000 and listening to a lot of competition vehicles, I can still honestly say that my Suzuki is the best sounding car in Holland.

11 april 2000

  • Installed an Alpine 7630 headunit to replace the Becker. The Alpine sounds better but the CD-changer is still a 1-bit DA-converter and therefore not worthwhile. When is the car audio industry going to produce decent headunits again?

15 October 1999

8 August 1999

  • Bought a new head unit and altered the setup page to reflect this.
    The good old Alpine 7525R and 5957s got old and started doing strange thing such as not turning on the amplifiers and adjusting the volume without me asking to do so. After years of using Alpine I was fed up with the poor receiption of the tuner and I decided to go for the best in radios: Becker. Instead of a new CD-changer I opted for a single CD, making room for the mobile vcr.

10 July 1999

3 June 1999

30 May 1999

  • Added the Ron de Vries 1999 event
  • Added an MPEG movie to the about page
  • Updated the text on which cameras were used for which page on the about page

24 May 1999

16 April 1999

  • Changed the E-mail address for event submissions
  • Fixed some typos
  • Added the real weight of the car to the facts and figures page.

21 March1999

5 February 1999

  • My provider, Pimpernel online, decidid to stop my free account. Therefore I needed to find a new place to host the site. Within 12 hours Cybercomm created an acount and a subdomain for me. Thanks to Pimpernel for the free hosting all those years. Thanks to Cybercomm for quickly creating a new account.
    All links have been changed, "this site moved" signs have been placed on the old location and many links to the site have been altered as well. Some of the sub sites have been moved to Casema so Cybercomm doesn't have to host more than needed.

17 January 1999

  • A friend bought a digital camera so I volunteered to have him trying it out on my car. Since the results are very good I replaced a lot of old photographs with his. For example the picture in the heading of the setup page (be sure to check the full screen version) and the full screen version of the AudioSystem amplier on that same page.

2 January 1999

  • Joined the new "Car audio showdown" competition. Just click on the little car audio showdown button in the main page. Please?
    Also removed the explanation for the Linux batch that was on the main page upto today.
  • Changed the graphs in the fine tuning page so they look less dominating over the other elements of that page

20 December 1998

  • Updated the pictures of the amplifier install. Amplifiers are now in the back seat behind plexi glass panels and it is a work of art. First pictures used in the ideal setup example.
  • Mentioned the use of Hema foto disk in the about page.
  • Added a picture of the amplifier install to the construction page.

27 November 1998

  • Added lots of links to Auto & Hifi Coevorden because they recently went online and should get a lot of visitors.

16 November 1998

  • Added some more "Miss" titles to one of the girls who posed for me at the Coevorden mega car audio show. At "Speed & Design 1998" she told me she won more titles than I knew.

8 November 1998

  • Added the OtoSam 1998 event, just a couple of hours after the event actually ended
  • Bought a very interesting book at OtoSam's about the Suzuki SA-310, reference including ISBN added to the facts and figures page

27 October 1998

  • Corrected the central schema picture of the setup page (F-mods were accidentally drawn in the wrong signal line creating a picture that didn't make much sense to the sharp observer)

24 October 1998

22 October 1998

18 October 1998

  • Added site history (site already has been online for over three years)
  • Completely rewrote the installation page

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