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EsRij 1999

EsRij doesn't have customers, they have followers. Whenever EsRij attends a meeting a bunch of cars shows up. Loud, racy and not be overlooked. Today they returned the favour and organized their own car audio show. The EsRij crowd showed up and many others accepted the invitation. I accepted the invitation to judge sound quality. Since I was the only judge there competitors where welcome to join so I could explain the judging process in their own car.

The amazing weather made even more cars show up and EsRij did well on the public relations part. Even little road signs where put up all around the area to point the visitors to the EsRij store. My competitors all showed up in time. So did I, down to the second. Within several minuted after posing my car the first contestants where called to the stand and the judging started. The level of competitors varied. One didn't have amplifiers, one didn't have a CD player, some others were near professionals just here to collect an easy first prize. Winner in sound quality was Huong Lee with his beautiful Honda CRX. The interiour was made out of aluminum blue looking components. The little CRX was jam packed with speakers but Huong was smart enough to turn most down to achieve decent hifi results. Overall winner was Hans Romijn whose Volkswagen Corrado also did well on other events judged by me. Another sorry goes to Wim Baks who spend a fortune on equipment and came in eighth. His system is proof that good equipment and bad installation still combine to a poor result. I was hard to tell him he didn't spend his pile of money well.

Here's the final results of the hifi competition:

RankNameCarSound QualityInstallation qualityTotal score
1Hans RomijnVolkswagen Corrado502171
2John HoogeveenVolkswagen Golf5018.568,5
3Huong LeeHonda CRX52,51466,5
4Erik SchuttenOpel Combo46,51258,5
5Andre van de KolkVolkswagen Polo381957
6Michel NaberOpel Record45,51045,5
7Jan BaksFord Escort RS 1600361955
8Wim BaksMazda 323F GTi31,519.551
9Gerben ZwartVolkswagen Golf331447
10Martijn JansenOpel Combo35944
11Syberen OostenveldVolkswagen Golf301040
12Jan VerwegFord Escort30,5939,5

And these girls? Isn't it a well known fact the Suzuki SA-310 is a first class babe magnet? These lovely ladies are Kasia and Gerwien. Local girls. Friendly girls.

More pictures of the actual event can be found on EsRij's own website.

Download full scale pictures:

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