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Ron de Vries demo dag

If there's one person in The Netherlands who knows about advertising it is Ron de Vries. His advertisements saying "Biggest Boom Car Show in Holland" came true. The entire street as well as neighbouring lots were filled with some of the loudest cars in The Netherlands. During the entire day cars kept coming in until the police had to help making the streets around Ron's shop drivable again.

Ron de Vries asked me to judge hifi again, and I was happy to do so. This time judging went a little quicker. At 4 pm all papers were filled out and prizes were ready to go. Throughout the day I managed to walk around a little to see what was going on. The number of cars was impressing. Each time one could walk further down the street to nearby parking lots, to find new boom cars showing off. My car was right in front of the store and main judging tent so I got a lot of attention. The amplifier install was good for quiet a lot of photographs and my little television took some interest from the girls: "so I can watch my favorite soap in your car?". Sure you can!

About 52 cars officially registered, 13 of which went for quality the others only participated in SPL. Since we had only one judge for installation quality we didn't find it fair to give prizes for that. So only prizes for sound quality were given. For Hifi and installation we had a team of three judges: Fred Banks, Ron van Est and myself.

We tried to give the contestants advice and comments. Quality of the cars was much higher than last year. It was rewarding to see contestants from last year entering again and improving vastly. Fun car to judge was a gigantic big red Pontiac Firebird who's audio system didn't match the wild image of the car at all. The audio system was pure hifi, underpowered and almost sweet. For a while it was the best system we heard, but later that day some stronger cars entered. A big Ford Transit van had three seats in front so I was able to sit in the middle. An excellent stereo image there! Winners where two cars installed by Hans Romijn. His own Volkswagen Corrado sounded a bit too perfect. Up to the point were sound was surgically clean. Therefore first prize went to his friend with the black Volkswagen Golf II. Special reward should go to Peter Imminkhuizen (last year's winner) who's Ford Escort van showed us how a church organ should sound. If we could we would have judged 11 points out of 10 for just that part of the CD!

There's more on this event on Ron de Vries' own site and a Dutch review in Autozine

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