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Auto & Hifi Coevorden is starting to build a name for decent, well organized smooth running car audio shows. It was their third time and things didn't run as well as expected. The microphone for the SPL competiton broke down causing chaos and disappointment. Later that day the microphone regained its strength so this little accident is all there is a pick on the Coevorden boys.

Starting as early as 10 am contestants came in. Over the day a total of about 50 registered. The regulars were there, showing what tiny details they changed. The new ones showed some awesome mobile works of art. A white BMW 3 series touring gained some attention by it's huge "MTX black gold" stickers nicely put on the bonnet and side of the car. Even more stunning was the beautifully preserved Suzuki Swift GTi, but the owner didn't show off all day. Glad I took those pictures tough. One of Holland's most notorious boom car champions found a new way to gain some decibels: removing the seats from the car. He drives around on a little box used for cooling soft drinks, which may be less suitable for driving but wins a staggering 0.4 dB in SPL!

To me this meeting was something new. Installation of the amplifiers inside the back seat was finally done. Upholstery took several months but now it looks as stock as can be or fairly highlight with the cloth removed. Nice to see visitors actually admire the amplifier installation. Pointing it out to each other and taking pictures.

Even better was my new toy: a television. Installed only two days earlier and fed by a temporary source. My JVC VCR still hasn't arrived so I used a Hi8 camera to play some sitcoms I put on tape. Especially visitors not so well aquinted with car audio gazed at the moving pictures for quiet a while: "look at that, a television in a car". The screen has been mounted in the console in a space that formerly held six audio cassettes. The frames have been removed, a four inch colour LCD screen installed, an automatic switch to choose between VCR or external source installed and the whole thing was painted the colour of the dash.

A nice day. Well organized, a decent crowd, depressing weather but still good fun to attend. Don't forget to take a look at the store's website, they'll put pictures of all contestants online!

Download full scale pictures:

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