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A new store opens its doors to the public of Friesland, ladies and gentlemen ... Mikis van Es and Leo van Rij proudly present: EsRij car hifi. To present itself to the public EsRij make its first day of official business a big party. So, they invited everyone for an informal meeting and called it "Show Your Sound". Yours truly couldn't resist showing off his tiny blue car and drove two and a half hours to the far North of Holland to arrive in the village of Langezwaag.

About 30 cars showed up of which more than 10 were Honda CRX, seemingly a popular plaything in the province of Friesland. MTX, NewSound, Monster Cable and EsRij themselves brought professional demo cars to stun the audience. I mingled with the other contestants, and that turned out to be a sorry effort. My car had by far the best sounding system but the judges knew I write for StereoDrive magazine and therefore excluded me from prizes because of the certain advantages such a job brings with it. Occupational hazards, I calls that. Actually one judge had never heard a system this good and started stuttering and laughing because he'd never expect a system like this, and if ever certainly not in such a modest car! Anyhow I was able to advise a lot of other people on their systems. One improved about 50% in one minute by following my advice to kill the tweeters in the rear.

The demo cars of EsRij itself sounded quite acceptable. An old Volkswagen Golf with MTX speakers and amplifiers was OK. A Volkswagen Passat with the latest of MTX speakers and amplifiers sounded surprisingly good. I predict that EsRij might do well on official IASCA competitions if they enter the Passat.

The weather was not favorable for EsRij and so heavy showers disturbed the event every few hours. However a friendly girl named Kasia was kind enough to pose in her wet t-shirt by my damp car to liven up the day's visuals (Thanks Kasia!). The guy in the third picture is Kees, who works for the ISP that is so kind as to provide this web space. All in all a well organized, small and very enjoyable day. Keep up the good initiatives EsRij, and may your store see booming in business (pun intended).

Class: PRO, result: first (also: only contestant in that class)

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