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Mega car audio Show

A year after their first event "Auto & HiFi Coevorden" organized another car audio party. Demo cars from Alpine, Lanzar, MTX and Sony showed up. Since this store specializes in audio systems for trucks (or in proper English "lorries") two huge lorries where present as well. A presenter made a good show of the two-by-two SPL challenge. Jan Lageweg's hideous but brutally loud Fiat Panda won again with 154.0 dB. Most people present at Ron de Vries two days ago showed up again, including most winners to cash the second trophy of the weekend.

The organizing store showed its Opel Combo boom car, built around eighteen 10" MTX thunder subwoofers, a Rockford Fosgate EPX 2 and four 4 channel MTX amplifiers. A Pioneer ODR based system is coming up for hifi demos.

I did not compete in the SPL challenge, so the car had a slow day with just a few "this is how proper hifi is supposed to be" listeners.

The StereoDrive promo team comprised the lovely Yvonne and playful Lilian. Yvonne is "Miss Cabrio 1998" "Miss Zevenhuizen", "Miss beauty Drenthe", "Miss fotomodel" and featured in AutoWeek number 39 (18-25 sept. 1998). Good looking and willing to have their picture taken, the golden combination. Yvonne was ever so good to even let my try out my new digital camera on her, so there's about 40 more pictures of hers off-line. Thanks for posing girls!

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