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RS car audio meeting

Guess what? I actually won a trophy! RS car audio organized the only real challenge in 1997. Other stores organized meetings, informal SPL measurements or picking of the best car by a store employee. RS car audio arranged for some IASCA judges and had a real competition under very freely interpreted IASCA rules. Classes where decided upon by money spend on the system, not by power or amateur/pro/expert. SPL was done with the engine running, microphone on any desired location in the car and music of choice.

This beautiful summer day brought about 70 cars to the show and a couple of hundred spectators. No special cars showed up but all the regulars where there and we had a fun day. The third picture shows the car I was parked next to. In a way I couldn't have picked a worse spot, that hideous red thing is Holland's loudest car (160 dB last time, 154 dB today). With a car like that next to you, no one could listen HiFi in mine.

The judging of sound and installation was done by a judge who'd already judged my car once or twice before. He listened politely to my presentation but knew everything already. He listened to the system and again told me it was excellent sound and I should really do something on installation because then my car could be an overall winner every time. For SPL (second picture) I used "Supermodel" by Jill Sobule from the movie "Clueless" (one of the best movies of all time, by the way). Since I tend to blast this song trough my speakers now and then I was curious what SPL it would do: 123,5 dB. Not bad for a sub-bass free track. The guy standing next to my car in the second picture, is the Dutch importer of Boss Audio Systems. A friendly lad with whose subwoofer I'll try to promote by using it in my car during the next event.

After a chat with the organization and a judge I went home. With a proud feeling and a big smile I took the free way. After about half an hour of driving a police car passed me and put up a stop sign. They did not know my license plate "18A 4RE" nor did their computer, and driving with an invalid license number is a very illegal thing to do. The officers were very friendly and when I explained to them why I had such plates, how stupid it was of me to forget to remove them and where I just came from. When I showed them the trophy they believed me and they decided not to give me a fine. Instead they were very interested in my car, had me explain about this crazy hobby and both wanted to listen. So I gave a little demo for the police, right then and there on the freeway. Remember: the police are your best friend!

Class: Dfl. 10.000,- and more, result: 1st

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