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Auto & HiFi Coevorden demo dag

A fresh new store in the far North of the country decided to have a demo day for all. The "Auto & HiFi Coevorden" store is located on an industrial park, meaning lots of space for contestants and no one near to bother with our noise. A good thing because about 75 cars showed up and a couple of hundred spectators volunteered to have their ears damaged.

My car made a lot of new friends that day: the top picture shows my Suzuki with a Fiat Panda (certainly not the other way around), the third picture shows my Suzuki with the demo car of the store that organized a meeting a fortnight ago. Finally a friendly girl from the organization posed with the car (saying you want to photograph her t-shirt with the name of the store on it is a good way to lead girls to one's car). The Panda tried to be a boomcar as well as a hifi car, and it is the first car I ever heard that did a remarkably good job at this. Since the Panda uses MB Quart front speakers it's nature was very familiar to my ears. The Passat is filled with MTX components and sounds pretty good, making it an excellent demo for it's owner: EsRij car hifi.

Throughout the day more and more cars showed up. Funny thing is that most cars are always there, on any show. Few cars were actually from the North and although we were extremely close to Germany, not one German car showed up. Regrettably, after a couple of hours heavy showers ruined the party. Some commercial cars were allowed to drive into the store. The couple of minutes without rain were used for SPL measurements. Contestants were allowed to have the engine running and to play whatever music they liked. I had two tries and used to very different pieces of music. First was "Let it Go" by Clare Marlo (from the Let it Go album, on Sheffield Lab), making a score of 119.4 dB. Second try I used "Bassgasm" by Techmaster P.E.B. (from the Alpine Disc Drive CD), good for 127.8 dB. Yet another fun event, a day well spent.

result: none

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