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OtoSam car audio show

The only Dutch car audio event in 1996. Because the official Dutch IASCA organization ceased to exist, the only events left are organized by stores. In this case Otosam in the town of Hoorn arranged a well organized, crowded and successful car audio event. Cars had to enlist upto six days before the event so the store could arrange parking places and put hifi cars with other hifi cars and make room for boom cars. The store used its own parking lot for registered competitors, visitors could use the parking lot next to it. Totally about 50 cars showed up including the entire Boom Car Club Bollenstreek and seemingly all cars ever built by organizer Otosam. Because of good weather a couple of hundred people gazed at the cars. At the end of the day the Boom Car Club Bollenstreek played all cars at top volume simultaneously, noisy!

Besides being a fun show, there was an SPL contest. Rules for this contest: engine off, no sinus waves or other non musical tones, any music free to choose. For all power classes the world records were taken from last years world finals. The person getting closest to the record in his/her class was the winner. All competing cars had at least 500 watts and a wall of subwoofers. So just for fun I entered to show people what could be done tiny 8 inch subwoofer driven by an Audison mono sub amplifier (rated at 80 watts RMS). The result: 125.8 dB!

Fun day, well organized, nice cars, fun to enter the SPL contest.

Download the full scale pictures:

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