Film strip

Demo dag 1994

AutoStore is a car audio shop in a town near by where I live. They have stores in Purmerend and Volendam. I was invited to write an article about the event but I also brought my car. Due to bad weather the event did not draw a big crowd. AutoStore arranged demo vehicles from Lanzar, Philips (see top picture), MTX and New Sound (importer of L.A. Sound and Dietz).

At this time I was still building on the car. The doors had speakers fitted but were not yet upholstered. I mounted two amplifiers under the subwoofer board, an AudioSystem amplifier with built-it cross over and a HiFonics Juno. The AudioSystem amp was used to power the sub. The sub is a double coil model, so I could utilize both channels of the amplifier. The HiFonics amp was a troublesome device. It had very unhandy wiring and always went on and off with loud noise. After a lot of research I found out that Alpine and HiFonics do not mix.

The pictures in the film strip really look bad, hence they are! I used a disposable photo camera with no flash.

StereoDrive article

Download the full scale pictures:

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