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3rd NIASCA challenge of 1995

A boring meeting but the best sound quality I ever achieved. A local store heard the Pioneer subwoofer I was testing and disliked it very much, as did I. This store is the sole importer of B52 subwoofers for The Netherlands, and they wanted me to use and promote a B52 sub for the competition. Not only is this the second best subwoofer I ever heard, it also was nice promotion for their brand. During the show lots of people stared at the huge octagon shaped box in my boot (2 12 inch woofers in one octagon shaped box).

The importer sent a lot of interested people to my car, so I was a B52 sales man for one day. The B52 costs half of my personal reference the Focal BPE8 and sounds almost as good. The Focal however is much smaller and therefore I returned the B52 a week later. Hence, I didn't even have room for my tools when the B52 was in the car! Still, for those who have the room I highly recommend giving B52 a try.

Interesting about this meeting that a lot of foreign competitors entered. We had people from America, Germany and Belgium. And yet again that pesty little car of mine beat most of them!

Class: PRO 1000+ watt, result: 5th

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