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Beach Party '95

The summer is magic. This was the best meeting I visited in years! The article for my magazine was one of the most positive and enthusiastic I ever wrote. This meeting was not a competition, but there were prizes to be won. Still it was a cozy meeting with lots of cars that never showed up at regular IASCA sanctioned events. This was also the first overnight meeting, it was held on a beach with camping facilities. The advantage of the beach was that all visitors got to make as much noise as they liked because there were no houses nearby. The organization had a license for 170 dB, as if we were able to be that loud! :-)

The organization, "RS car audio" and "Sound of Mars", asked me to bring my video camera and make a movie for the competitors. Since the event turned out to be one of the best Dutch car audio parties ever, so did the video:

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14.3 MB, running time approx. 4 minutes

All day long people listened to each other's cars and gave hints and tips to each other. My car turned out to be best sounding car of the weekend. Although I did not like the sound of the Pioneer subwoofer I had that weekend, lots of people liked the booming sound it produced together with the mighty Audison mono sub amplifier I always use for testing subs. It was also fun to observe people who came for the beach and found all the cars in their sand!

The informal competitions that day were unlimited SPL. This differs from normal SPL because contestants are allowed to pick their own music. So part of the trick is to find the best music for your speakers. As there was no other judging I tweaked the system to be a boomcar for the SPL competition. Most likely I blew up the Pioneer sub, but it was for testing purposes anyway! Sorry, mister Pioneer it couldn't handle 80 watts from an Audison amplifier. I kept the engine running and played 'Killer Quad Megamix' from the 3rd IASCA CD. After the lady says 'bass boy' I put all power on the sub and pumped the volume up (see the bottom picture in the strip). Much to my surprise I scored a whopping 129.9 dB! Not nearly enough to take a trophy home, but it was the most noise I ever made!

Class: n/a, result: 129.9 dB

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