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2nd NIASCA challenge of 1995

Two of these pictures show the car queuing for the SPL measurement. The judges install the standard AudioControl SA3050A sonic analyzer for this. It is used for measuring SPL (sound pressure level) and RTA. The maximum volume isn't very interesting to me. The system plays good and controlled at high volumes, and it can make more noise than I can stand. The RTA can be compared to a reversed equalizer: the machine tries to find out if all frequency ranges are represented equally. The goal is to get a flat line, i.e. a neutral equalizer. This is no guaranty for a good sound tough.

During the contest the American IASCA judge Rich Celser was present. He admired my car but said the exhaust fumes were so dirty I'd deserve a 10 point penalty.

During the first test a contestant is allowed to keep the engine running. This means that both the alternator and the battery can be used for power, which will result in a better sound (if no capacitors are used). So I always keep the motor running. On RTA the engine has to be off.

Class: PRO 251-500 watt, result: 5th

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