Film strip

Competition results ...
2nd NIASCA challenge of 1994

Although my car was not yet up to the competition, I was invited to make a nice video. So I loaded the car with a semi-professional camera, a monitor, lots of batteries and auxiliaries and went to the show. Notice the power cord going into my car so I could recharge batteries in the car. By saying I really needed access to my car all day long I was allowed in the hall. I video taped almost all competitors, taped for presentations for the judges and created special parts for all worth while cars. The final tape sold reasonably well during the following competitions.

The first picture from the film strip actually was on national television! Yes, I was not the only person with a professional video camera. It was on a show about anti-social people, where car-audio lovers were said to be loud and cause a lot of trouble. The show interviewed people in a restaurant telling they could not talk to each other because of audio freaks driving by. Sure, as if a car outdoors can make enough noise to make speaking in doors impossible.

The pictures on the left are pretty low quality as well as uninteresting, I'd say. As I was not a competitor the car just stood there all day, not a very interesting subject to make pictures of. So to fill the strip I added these pictures of the head-unit and main fuse (I saved those in very low quality JPEG).

Download full scale pictures:
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