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What's a website without a fine collection of pictures to put on your desktop? The pictures on the left show some nice ladies I met during car audio competitions. How can they refuse such a beautiful car? How can I refuse such beautiful girls? These particular photographs were taken during "Auto & Hifi Coevorden"'s mega car audio show and Ron de Vries' demo dag. The pictures on the right were made some years ago during an 8 hour none stop drive (well, we had to stop for fuel once). A friend suggested taking pictures in the dark and they turned out very artistic.

Download a picture and instruct your operating system to put it on the background. Some browsers may even put it on the background for you. These pictures are JPEG format, so they're easy to swallow by almost any operating system. However I tried to use high quality so the pictures aren't as snappy small and speedy like the others on this site. The picture on the top left shows an example of my Linux box at work featuring Lillian's picture.


StereoDrive & Design
Promo Girls
Oh, what a night
Suzuki in the dark
Jolien & Gerda
Full car
Yvonne & Lillian
Lens flair
Lillian driving my car
Bright lights

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