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Why the Suzuki SA-310 is the best car in the world

70 miles to the gallon (one liter per 23 kilometers) is the most important reason. Fast cars use more petrol, cause more polution and break speed limits the moment they're beginning to be fun. Who needs more power when one is not allowed to use it?

Despite the modest engine, the suspension is stiff as a board. This makes driving this car pleasant, it communicates with the driver. Therefore I know about the road condition and act upon that. Because this car doesn't drive like a waterbed I stay awake and don't fall asleep after 5 or 6 hours of driving.

This car is not round like most modern cars and doesn't have those ugly headlights that look like the eyes of a dead fish, like found on the new Mercedes and Ford Scorpio. However the car is not squared like a solid box either. The Suzuki SA-310 is the ideal car of the 80s.

In 6 years and over 290,000 KM the car never ever broke down.

How and why
Jolien welcomes you
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How I created these pages

Making this site started as an experiment with HTML and multi media. It allowed me to play with every available video source from VHS video via Hi8 and U-matic to DVCPRO. The pictures of the setup, CarWars '97, OtoSam 1998 and Coevorden 1999 are done using a Kodak DC-20 Digital Science camera. The "under construction" pictures where done using an analogue camera of which the photographs were transferred to PhotoCD. For the sake of variation I also experimented with Hema Foto Disk (for example the back seat install). An other experiment is a "Sharp HC-4500 Color" palmtop computer with digital camera, used for the third picture of the Mega car Audio Show. Best way to make digital pictures so far is the Sony Mavica, used at Ron de Vries 1999 and for the MPEG on the left.

First the site was just to show off my car and promote car audio a little. Numerous E-mails learned that many people have the same beginner's questions. The success of my car learned that I know the answers so I turned the site into a "how to" site rather than a "look what I've got" site. By now people in Holland, Russia, Malaysia and Porto Rico owning the same car copied parts of this audio system in their car. I just stopped counting the number of people building car audio systems based on mine or based on advice from this site!

  • Amiga 3000T
  • Motorola 68040 CPU, running at 25 mHz
  • 12 megabytes of memory
  • KickStart 3.1
  • MacroSystems VLab video digitizer
  • MacroSystems Retina Z2 24 bit graphics board

Any Browser Part of building this site was learning HTML. I choose not to use an HTML editor, but to type the codes using a text editor to learn what's really going on behind the screens. The HTML editor was only used to insert some special characters for which I do not know the escape code by heart. In my opinion typing codes in an editor is far easier than an editor, more efficient than an editor and more compatible (since editors come with a browser implying the risk only that browser will perfecly display the code created by the HTML editor that came with it).

This page is best viewed with any browser. The whole concept of the world wide web was to exchange multi media documents between all computers and operating systems. With NetScape and Microsoft dominating the world wide web and changing the HTML standard, this free exchange would be over. Therefore pages were tried with every single operating system I could get my hands on:

Known problems are browsers (i.e. AWeb II and lower) using too much space in the left hand column. Also some will repsond differently when printing. In that case the best solution is to save the page as plain text and print that text from a word processor.

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